Ep. 19: My Family Bike Camps

This week we are speaking with Dawn Rae Knoth. Dawn Rae lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband, Rob, and their eight year old son, Max. Their favorite way to spend time as a family is bikepacking - exploring gravel roads and dusty trails, wild camping under the stars, and discovering the world around and within them. What began as an 8 mile easy overnighter along the Deschutes River when Max was four, has grown into multi-day adventures in the Oregon backcountry and beyond, collectively spending a month+ bikepacking each year.

Professionally, Dawn Rae makes stuff look good. As a trend and color consultant for 18 years, she helps clients build brand impact by providing the critical link between creative direction and business goals. With a focus on the outdoor industry, she loves collaborating with companies, using aesthetics to communicate the story and purpose behind the products.